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Huffington Post, all Sexist Pigs

Sexist Pigs? You decide. Here’s the Muffington Boast’s editorial staff below: Thank you Alex Sims. What a picture. No wonder that website is such a complete cesspool of triviality, emotion, and dreck. Get yourself 20 starving journalists, all of whom believe in feminism, and this is what you get. A complete horror show! That picture […]

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Male Humiliated and Shamed

This Mangina will bag all the babes! Be like him! A Facebook User Who Shared a Men’s Rights Post Just Got Publicly Shamed By His Mom. This was his crime! Can you believe the little rat isn’t in jail? Boys, this is a classic FTAVS if I’ve ever seen one. Yes, the dreaded Failure to […]

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Women: Where Are the Good Men?

BY TIM PATTEN Right now, millions of women are searching for a “good man.” Women seem to intuitively understand that someone, someday, will take care of them for the rest of their lives. They are told, “When you’re married, you’ll be happy,” as they bask in dreams of a fancy wedding and life with a […]

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