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Testosterone Rex

Testosterone Rex is a book by a leftist feminist that is the subject of our MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. Hat tip to Radio Derb for our story. It’s author is Corelia Fine and she’s a psychologist who has written a tome in the hopes of getting everyone–in regards to sex differences–to trance “It’s all […]

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The Case Against Sugar PODCAST 109

The Case Against Sugar is a new book out by Gary Taubes. I just bought it and think it’s something that a lot of men need to hear about. It’s a HUGE health issue. Personally, my biggest addiction is to carbohydrates. I love them and am badly in need of detox. Books like this provide […]

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Psycho Gets Suspended Sentence

Not a Psycho…strong, independent woman! Jilted saleswoman put her ex through revenge porn nightmare by posting explicit images of him online in first ever case of male partner being targeted. Guess what happened? Yep, suspended sentence. A UK specialty as it were. Fascinating read here from First Things: The problem with ­science is that so […]

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