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Return of Kings Killed

Return of Kings Killed is our new MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast! Welcome aboard! RooshV, a truly brave and good man in this culture war, has been defamed repeatedly by the left. They tell all sorts of lies about him and he is a major target of our enemies. Indeed, in this Motherboard article the […]

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Are Conservatives Losers?

For our MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast, we’ll be reading from Roosh V’s excellent, harsh, tough love article, “Conservatives are Losers” that I found at his flagship website. Personally, I’m a conservative, libertarian or classical liberal. Call me what you want but I agree that we need to learn how to combat our foes 100%. […]

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Interview with ROOSH V

Roosh was kind enough to put the interview I did with him on his website today. He called the blog, “I Was Interviewed About Liberals, The Manosphere, And Making Money Online.” 1:05: How the launch of my book Free Speech Isn’t Free went. 2:35: Infusing humor with my writing, how my memoirs reflected my life […]

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