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Are Conservatives Losers?

For our MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast, we’ll be reading from Roosh V’s excellent, harsh, tough love article, “Conservatives are Losers” that I found at his flagship website. Personally, I’m a conservative, libertarian or classical liberal. Call me what you want but I agree that we need to learn how to combat our foes 100%. […]

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The Right Fights Back!

Is our country on the brink of serious unrest? Yes, I really think it is. John Derbyshire does not think much will come of it, but I am sick of the left’s perpetual violence. It warmed me to find these three examples of the right fighting back. The first occurred when a group of low-T […]

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Male Defender=New Media Misogyny?

We’re New Media Misogyny? What? Here’s how sad academic feminists are, they hold some conference at University College London and Male Defender was dead center in their target. We’re pickup artists? Nope. Not at all, but I suppose sympathy with Roosh (about anything) makes you a “new media misogynist.” What a bunch of freaks? Feminists […]

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