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Testosterone and Status

Welcome to the MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. Today, we’ll cover four stories and the first is Testosterone and Status. Our title comes from this Yahoo story, “Testosterone pushes men to luxury brands: Study.” A single dose of testosterone steers men towards luxury brands of cars, watches, pens, or clothes which, like stag anglers and […]

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Toxic Relationships and Patriarchy

BY TIM PATTEN Those of us who are intent on meeting a mate, pair-bonding with a partner, or marrying the love of our lives will face numerous obstacles in our efforts to find happiness in this way. For one thing, many of us will be forced to abandon hope of having an equal relationship, especially […]

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Best Video You’ll Ever See!

One picture says it all right now in regards to Europe’s future. The clock is ticking and western civilization is about to die. Times like these are why guys like us live when we do. Best. Video. Ever! This is one of the best videos ever made. I’ve watched it three times already. It’s very […]

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