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GAME by Roosh V is the subject for a few podcasts today at the MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. Good to have you! Would you like to take 4 and 5 star vacations at up to 50% off the price other people pay? Click the link and put your email address in the form that […]

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Dear Men

Dear Men! A confused and saddened Muffington Boast writer has decided to pen a letter to you in order to increase your feelings of shame and dysfunction. After all, you did this to her. It’s “victim blaming” for you to suggest that she take elementary precautions to ensure her safety. I won’t hear otherwise from […]

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Female Jealousy

BY TIM PATTEN Toxic Female Jealousy We men are the most remarkable and resourceful beings on Earth. Civilization depends on us. Indeed, consider what we have accomplished: we’ve harnessed fire and electricity; built the Seven Wonders of the World; and even explored the depths of the oceans and nether reaches of our universe. Our world–from […]

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