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Female Indiana Jones!

Welcome to the MOLON LABE Male Defender Podcast! There will be two parts today. The first is Female Indiana Jones. Our title comes from an insipid and impotent GQ article, “Of course Indiana Jones can be a woman.” Of course, women can write their own screenplays and make their own movies right? Well, apparently not […]

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Female Privilege…Explained

This week we had two wonderful and disgusting examples of female privilege in the west. In the first, a woman drives by a Trump supporter’s home. She decided to flip him off. Then he followed her. She called for daddy (the police) who proved to be less understanding in regards to her privilege. She honestly […]

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ME-Ternity Leave

Enjoy Your Free-time Moose! Checkout this buffoon and bum, she wants companies to create ME-Ternity Leave so lazy a**holes like her can tool around the world “traveling” and get paid in the process. This Writer Believes Childless Women Should Also Get Time Off As ‘ME-Ternity Leave’. This from “Yahoo News.” Tell me, where is the […]

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