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Murderess All Over News!

Looking great! That’s all that matters. This is a hot story. A young lady kills two guys and then gets on social media to tell everyone she’s “all over the news.” That’s sweet! You’re a Facebook star. Maybe there will be a mini-series for you! The police have provided her with a ready made excuse: […]

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Fetish Model Demands Privilege

I can wear whatever I want and do whatever or whoever I want and you’re not allowed to talk back. That’s hate! You can’t shame me! I shame you! Be a real man and put up with me kicking your bleep! Thanks Daily Mail and Valentino Vals. Brave Fetish Model harasses online critic by throwing […]

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Patrick Kane, Greg Hardy and SJWs

Patrick Kane is innocent. The woman lied about him from the beginning. She was looking for $, not a proper police investigation. Yet what does the media do? They pretend it was Kane’s fault. No, seriously, that’s what they did. They call a false allegation train “Kanergate” because they’re narrative is that men are perpetrators […]

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