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Male Humiliated and Shamed

This Mangina will bag all the babes! Be like him! A Facebook User Who Shared a Men’s Rights Post Just Got Publicly Shamed By His Mom. This was his crime! Can you believe the little rat isn’t in jail? Boys, this is a classic FTAVS if I’ve ever seen one. Yes, the dreaded Failure to […]

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Malignant Narcissist

Malignant narcissist and malignant narcissism are terms I wish I could educate everyone concerning. I have had to deal with two of these individuals over the past two years and it’s an incredible psychoshow. Basically, unlike your average person, the malignant narcissist goes to work in order to play and start trouble. Other people are […]

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Zoe Quinn, the Movie!

Zoe Quinn, arch scammer and corrupter of Gamer journalists is getting paid off in a big way. She’s got a movie deal and she can tell us all about how she inspired #Gamergate. Only that’s not what she’ll do. Zoe will play the victim and ignore all the people that she slept with on the […]

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