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Women in the Military Suffer More Mental Illnesses

News from the UK: “Women in the Armed Forces ‘more likely to suffer mental problems.’ Women serving in the Armed Forces are twice as likely to suffer from mental health issues as men, according to the latest figures from the Ministry of Defence.” This doesn’t surprise me at all. Recall here my rule from 2007: […]

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Marines, All Male Teams Best

Marines study performance and decide all male teams function best. I can’t believe it! What about the media narrative? What about “social justice”? What about the leftist dream of male castration? Maybe we should delete this link in order for feminists to triumph? Ah, no. Marine study finds all-male infantry units outperformed teams with women. […]

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Female Privilege Molon Labe PODCAST 9

Female Privilege is the rule of the land and men are helots in the grand scheme of things which is our general focus for Male Defender Molon Labe Podcast 9! We’ll be reviewing about 7 news stories. Thanks for listening and thanks to all of those great viewers who sent links like Daz P, Matt […]

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