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MGTOW, Free Man

MGTOW, or Men Going Their Own Way, is a rational response to the situation in which many men find themselves in in 2018. I’m a free man among free men. Nothing wrong with that. I mind my own business and don’t bother others. I even wrote my own book on the subject. It explains why […]

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Why can’t we hate men?

Welcome to the MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. We have got another epic installment defending men. Harold G contributes this appalling link. It’s a Washington Compost article called, “Why can’t we hate men?” by a psycho feminist. This is the mainstream media. Yes, it’s “mainstream” just for everyone who thinks we imagine misandry. They actually […]

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Red Trojan Horse

It is my pleasure to discuss with you our MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast entitled Red Trojan Horse. Today I read from Alasdair Elder’s (brief!) magnificent new book, The Red Trojan Horse: A Concise Analysis of Cultural Marxism. It’s cheap, like the budgie, and you should read/download it today. Absolutely splendid! I do not know […]

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