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Framed Men Acknowledged! PODCAST 119

Welcome to the MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. This is installment number 119. Exciting news, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos plans on including men’s rights activists on her listening tour. Hopefully, she’ll talk to legitimate sources rather than poseurs like Paul E-scam and Dean “Grand Buffet” Esmay. Regardless, I’m very pleased with this development and am […]

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Be the Change PODCAST 115

Be the Change is the title for this Male Defender Molon Labe Podcast. This is our 115th installment. The title came to me this morning. I had the opportunity to watch Victor Mature in Samson and Delilah. It’s a great film but I barely had the stomach to watch due to it’s subject matter. I […]

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YouTube Moving Against Us

YouTube has recently demonetized about 100 of my videos. This is distressing to say the least. Others have made some excellent videos on this topic as TFM did. Last night, it was a 20-strike against me. John H sent me this video from Styxhexenhammer666 addressing the topic which I want to share with you. I […]

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