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By TIM PATTEN Mascupathy, by Charlie Donaldson and Randy Flood Women’s health needs have taken the spotlight over the last 30 years. That has left critical male issues unfunded and ignored, even though there seems to be more than enough resources to go around. Worse still, this lopsidedly far-reaching favoritism has helped to amplify and […]

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A Sky Without Eagles PODCAST 81

What a book! Superb once again Jack. You are back at the Male Defender MOLON LABE weekly podcast! This is our 81st installment. Today I want to focus on Jack Donovan…again, and his excellent collection of essays, A Sky Without Eagles. It’s a collection of essays. Five of them are his best and rival anything […]

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The Emasculation of Men

It’s the current year! This is our new female hero! Emasculation is good. Don’t make any negative comments. Simply accept our social engineers and their jerry-rigging of our society. Let’s give RockingMRE, our old buddy and ally on Youtube, his own page today with his video “The Emasculation of Men.” “Masculinity is nothing to be […]

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