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Marxism Lives!

Thank you Melvin Vines for our article today at the fresh MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast, MARXISM LIVES! It’s by the masterful Peter Hitchens and entitled, “Marxism didn’t die. It’s alive and well and living among us.” I started writing a subsection of my new book on cultural Marxism today and I honestly did not […]

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Women’s Liberation–The Great Lie

Welcome to another Male Defender MOLON LABE podcast where we tackle Women’s Liberation–The Great Lie based on this excellent article from Frontpagemag entitled, “MY SISTER KATE: THE DESTRUCTIVE FEMINIST LEGACY OF KATE MILLETT.” Kate Millet was one of the great a-holes of the women’s movement. She was absolutely nuts and her sister failed to get […]

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Marxist Vectors PODCAST 94

Welcome to our 94th installment of our Male Defender MOLON LABE podcast. Our subject is a lot of miscellany. Oh, and also Marxist vectors which applies to “Social Justice” and the pension scheme scams that I was supposed to pay into. Dallas’s pension fund, for example, is in serious trouble. Thanks Eric S for our […]

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