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Fragile Male Ego PODCAST 97

Manhaters welcome at the MOLON LABE Podcast. This is our 97th installment. Great article here by Robert Stacy McCain on the wildebeest that is Allison Moon. She’s here to recruit women to lesbianism due to their purported concerns about the fragile male ego. Hey, she cares! She’s here to help. What a babe! Check out […]

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Lesbian Feminist Scholars

By Tim Patten Lesbian feminist author Maria Mies once wrote, “If patriarchy had a specific beginning in history, it can certainly have an end.” As with other feminist scholars, a group dominated by mostly white lesbians who share a perversely narrow-minded perspective, Mies is convinced that patriarchy–as well as the male sex–is oppressive and malevolent […]

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Minority Owns Majority

I don’t care about this chart and neither should you. In America of 2016, the majority is terrorized by the minority. Why do we let these people boss us around and reconstruct our lives? Exhibit A, thanks Daniel T, LGBT Group Calls for Federal Ban of Single-Sex Bathrooms in ALL Public Schools. I’m perfectly happy […]

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