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Humiliating a Feminist

Welcome to another installment of the MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. This installment concerns humiliating a feminist. Specifically, the awesome con job that Pax Dickinson pulled off on a Rolling Stone reporteress. She just had to interview him. He said no. Well, she wouldn’t take no for an answer so he made a fool out […]

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Emotional Conductor! PODCAST 64

Check out the art and wares of Jean Louis Moray on ebay. Here’s his store link. He’s got over 900 items on sale on ebay. Welcome to the 64th installment of the MOLON LABE PODCAST here at Male Defender. This is titled EMOTIONAL CONDUCTOR. Check out our returning sponsor LEGAL SHIELD. Legal Shield is a […]

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Huffington Post, all Sexist Pigs

Sexist Pigs? You decide. Here’s the Muffington Boast’s editorial staff below: Thank you Alex Sims. What a picture. No wonder that website is such a complete cesspool of triviality, emotion, and dreck. Get yourself 20 starving journalists, all of whom believe in feminism, and this is what you get. A complete horror show! That picture […]

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