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Old, White Men Podcast 61

This is our 61st installment of the Male Defender MOLON LABE Podcast and it’s called Old, White Men. Welcome aboard! OPENING SONG: Rancid, “Radio Havana.” Welcome to our new advertiser…well, returning advertiser. It’s Aaron Clarey! You know his website don’t you? Yep, Captain Capitalism. If not check it out. If you’re in need of advice […]

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Curse of the High IQ

Curse of the High IQ is a new book by Aaron Clarey. He was a long-time advertiser on my podcast. I thank him for that. I thought I owed him the purchase of this new work. I bought it with my own money because it so intrigued me. The title was outstanding and really captured […]

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Women are Smarter! MOLON LABE 43

Welcome to our 43rd episode of the Male Defender Molon Labe podcast. I have to say this one is my favorite thus far. Read Captain Capitalism Reserved on kindle for 7 bucks! “Captain Capitalism – Reserved” is the second “best of” edition of Aaron Clarey’s blog, “Captain Capitalism.” Why spend the days necessary going through […]

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