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I was a MOST PROMISING Youth Welcome to UNLIMITED PATERNITY our 56th installment of the MOLON LABE MALE DEFENDER Podcast. GET THE NEW TRUMP FIGURINE! SUBSCRIBE TO GUNG-HO Jihad on Youtube. He’s one of us! Here’s “Deja Voodoo.” He’s an artist who loves to put music to video. Opening Song, Iggy Pop’s “The Passenger.” TOPICS […]

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Dirigible Nymphomaniac

She’s morbidly obese…yet she sleeps with everyone! She’s 3 BTBs easy, and I’m not sure whether to believe her article or not. I’ve known a few bottom feeder males and they certainly are an embarrassment. I’d like to purge the male carp from my mind but they certainly do exist. Who knows? Our job though […]

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Psychos, Cheaters, Scammers…Oh My!

Psychos, Cheaters, Scammers…Oh My! is the title I am using for this summary page for today’s lengthy video. Cheaters: Cheat to Catch Cheater is pretty strange logic, but that’s what we’re getting in this goofier than goofy request for advice in Nigeria. It’s barely comprehensible the prose is so bad: Unfortunately I got pregnant in […]

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