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Leftist Female on Monkey Tilt!

Check out this animal’s venom and mental instability. She’s on monkey tilt! It’s a leftist female enraged over Hillary’s losing the election–one month after it was over. She turns the minority member into nothing more than a prop. This is a great example of the way in which leftists don’t see minority members as being […]

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What Awaits Us If She Wins

This is what awaits us if Hillary Wins, vote…FOR YOUR LIFE! Feras Jabro is a clueless, idealistic kid. Read about it further. You and I are smart and wise enough to avoid placing ourselves in his position. But we were all 21 once! He was savagely beaten for wearing a Trump hat. If it weren’t […]

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Western Civilization Down

Western civilization is in dire straights. For one thing, this rumble seat of illness could be our next president. That picture must be photoshopped but when I saw it on the cover of the new National Enquirer magazine I couldn’t stop laughing. If they’re right a good chance that an invalid could be our next […]

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