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Angry Gamers Next

Being on the right, defending men, defending America or merely believing in freedom is no longer enough to trigger the left. Now simply being “angry” or “negative” is anathema to the left. How about a vacation? Sign up our friend Peter’s club. Hit the link here to join. They’re going on a cool vacation to […]

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Scammers of Men PODCAST 62

OPENING SONG: Rancid with “Time Bomb.” Check out the art and wares of Jean Louis Moray on ebay. Here’s his store link. He’s got over 900 items on sale on ebay. Welcome to Scammers of Men which is our 62nd installment of the MOLON LABE podcast. Great to have you aboard! Check out our returning […]

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Male Defender=New Media Misogyny?

We’re New Media Misogyny? What? Here’s how sad academic feminists are, they hold some conference at University College London and Male Defender was dead center in their target. We’re pickup artists? Nope. Not at all, but I suppose sympathy with Roosh (about anything) makes you a “new media misogynist.” What a bunch of freaks? Feminists […]

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