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YouTube Moving Against Us

YouTube has recently demonetized about 100 of my videos. This is distressing to say the least. Others have made some excellent videos on this topic as TFM did. Last night, it was a 20-strike against me. John H sent me this video from Styxhexenhammer666 addressing the topic which I want to share with you. I […]

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Superpredator PODCAST 59

SUPPORT our guy He’s a long time advertiser here at the podcast. He’s got the original Smoking Obama novelty figurine for $27 bucks. For a discount, you can also get The Beatles Blue Meanie Smoking Obama novelty figurine as well. Don’t forget The Donald Trump! Superpredator? What the heck is a superpredator? Well, according […]

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Jim Goad, Man Living His Life

A pose reflective of the man. I’ve been following Jim Goad since 2000. He’s a great writer and I enjoy his pieces for Taki’s. He was a good sport about the interview. I called him but he couldn’t hear me. It took awhile to figure out what was wrong. I ended up rebooting the computer […]

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