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Female Indiana Jones!

Welcome to the MOLON LABE Male Defender Podcast! There will be two parts today. The first is Female Indiana Jones. Our title comes from an insipid and impotent GQ article, “Of course Indiana Jones can be a woman.” Of course, women can write their own screenplays and make their own movies right? Well, apparently not […]

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Male Defender=New Media Misogyny?

We’re New Media Misogyny? What? Here’s how sad academic feminists are, they hold some conference at University College London and Male Defender was dead center in their target. We’re pickup artists? Nope. Not at all, but I suppose sympathy with Roosh (about anything) makes you a “new media misogynist.” What a bunch of freaks? Feminists […]

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Superpredator PODCAST 59

SUPPORT our guy He’s a long time advertiser here at the podcast. He’s got the original Smoking Obama novelty figurine for $27 bucks. For a discount, you can also get The Beatles Blue Meanie Smoking Obama novelty figurine as well. Don’t forget The Donald Trump! Superpredator? What the heck is a superpredator? Well, according […]

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