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Pet Semetary PODCAST 70

ADVERTISE ON THE PODCAST FOR 5 BUCKS! Welcome to the 70th Installment of the Male Defender MOLON Labe Podcast. Today, I read a little bit from my new book, Man Going His Own Way. I’m reading specifically from chapter 8 entitled “Pet Semetary.” Thanks so much for the 50 people who have already bought a […]

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PAYGAP Lies and Obfuscations

The New York Lies has a piece out, thanks Harry Issac Jr, indicating that after women suddenly flood the employment rolls of a profession the pay starts sinking downwards. Some explanations for the pay gap cut both ways. One intriguing issue is the gender difference in noncognitive skills. Men are often said to be more […]

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Honey Traps Set for Men in Tech

Honey Traps were set for men in tech via the Ada Inititiative. Breitbart Tech has the whole story. Why? Because after all the false allegations of abuse then they could ride in and take up all the “diversity” positions. Then we’d hear phrases like “it takes a woman to clean up tech.” Feminists in tech […]

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