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Female Aggression vs. Healthy Masculinity

BY TIM PATTEN Clinical Psychologist’s and researchers have identified the poisonous behavior of aggressive women who resort to verbal assault through gossip, innuendo and character assassination used against other female friends and coworkers. But when women become verbally aggressive against the man, she is falling in love with or dating, the cultural equation is toppled and […]

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Female Privilege…Explained

This week we had two wonderful and disgusting examples of female privilege in the west. In the first, a woman drives by a Trump supporter’s home. She decided to flip him off. Then he followed her. She called for daddy (the police) who proved to be less understanding in regards to her privilege. She honestly […]

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The Male Privilege Scam and How to Defeat It

The Male Privilege Scam and How to Defeat It by TIM PATTEN The 2012 killing of Trayvon Martin and the subsequent shootings of unarmed young black men by white police officers have inspired humanities departments in many colleges around the U.S. and elsewhere to give greater prominence to the theoretical model of male privilege, specifically […]

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