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Why We Get Fat PODCAST 110

I loved The Case Against Sugar so much that I went out and bought Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It. Gary Taubes is a great author, and he is very authoritative on this topic. He’s got another book I may look into in the months to come as well. Why We […]

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Body Positivity PODCAST 80

Welcome to MOLON LABE 80. We are Body Positivity! Muffington Boast? Roast them happily as always. Women Around The World Are Sharing Unfiltered Photos Of Their Thighs#ThighsForJeaux is a movement in acceptance. Fellows, obey the moose, love the moose. You will change or your not advancing social justice. OBEY the hairy… Aaron Clarey is back! […]

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Son…this could be you. Get it done boy. Get it done. Notice how happy the groom is. Soon he will have no cartilage left. Introducing…the BTB Lifestyle! Few things are more true in life than the saying “real men date large.” Lad, if you want to be a real man you’ll run out and get […]

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