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Men Without Work

What a title for a book! Nicholas Eberstadt’s Men Without Work America’s Invisible Crisis looks to be a must read. The statistics are quite grim for the economy and especially for men’s place in it. This just came out today: 94,391,000 Not In Labor Force; Labor Force Participation Stuck at 62.8% The book isn’t out […]

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Equality? More Women in Prison

A hallmark of the left is that any difference in outcomes between groups =discrimination. It doesn’t and this trope just serves as a means by which to insist on handouts for favored groups. The lie that outcome=oppression also makes people who succeed feel guilty which is the first step in extorting rights from them. One […]

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Equality is not Superiority PODCAST 20

Equality is not Superiority but the media and the greater culture pretend that advancing women over men is the new “equality.” Welcome to our 20th episode of the Male Defender Molon Labe Podcast. If you’re new, check out daily videos over at Chapin’s INFERNO. 0:00 Badly Drawn Boy–“Too Many Miracles.” Advertise on the podcast for […]

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