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Fascist Coup PODCAST 123

Welcome to the Male Defender Molon Labe podcast where we’ll be reading from The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left. The left is trying to take away the election results from us via their disgusting, narcissistic machinations. You and I need to work to prevent them from doing so. I’m reading […]

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Political Discrimination Against Boys

Political Discrimination Against Boys By TIM PATTEN The recent Democratic National Convention celebrated an amazing fracturing of the world’s uppermost glass ceiling by selecting Hillary Clinton as its nominee for president. During four days of festivities, many strong females appeared before the crowd, bolstering the expectations and aspirations of girls and women across the country. […]

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UBER, Strong and Empowered

UBER, Strong and Empowered. Why did the uber driver not defer to this drunk woman? Baby, it’s about social justice! Thanks Justin G for the link. Let’s take a deeper look at the alimony bill. We know that Rick Scott vetoed the bill. This caused numerous SJW subterfuge men to say “see it’s not left/right” […]

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