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The Color of Misandry PODCAST 104

The Color of Misandry is our title for this 105th installment of the Male Defender MOLON LABE podcast. Visit our new supporter Network One! Please subscribe to his channel. Check out his Bad Cartoons channel over at too. Another woman wronged! Let’s consider crowdfunding for her! A foxy Russian model is suing her ex-sugar […]

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Pet Semetary PODCAST 70

ADVERTISE ON THE PODCAST FOR 5 BUCKS! Welcome to the 70th Installment of the Male Defender MOLON Labe Podcast. Today, I read a little bit from my new book, Man Going His Own Way. I’m reading specifically from chapter 8 entitled “Pet Semetary.” Thanks so much for the 50 people who have already bought a […]

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Michelle Fields Runs to Enemy

We predicted it at Chapin’s INFERNO, but Michelle Fields has now run to the enemy. She was hired by the Muffington Boast. Yes, that same group that only hires women has taken this train wreck on…with the purpose of covering…Donald Trump. Well, at least she won’t be biased in her account lol. Michelle Fields, the […]

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