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Title IX Evils at USC

Feminism is religion at USC. The southern California institution is just another example of an American university eaten alive by cultural Marxism. Luckily, Male Defender has a spy there. We’ll call him X. X sent us a dossier on Title IX practices at the college. Thanks go to Tim Patten who alerted us about the […]

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The Color of Misandry PODCAST 104

The Color of Misandry is our title for this 105th installment of the Male Defender MOLON LABE podcast. Visit our new supporter Network One! Please subscribe to his channel. Check out his Bad Cartoons channel over at too. Another woman wronged! Let’s consider crowdfunding for her! A foxy Russian model is suing her ex-sugar […]

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MGTOW is a Gift PODCAST 93

This fellow is the opposite of MGTOW…so you know MGTOW is a gift! LOL. Yes, Mr. Schwyzer, we remember you. How could we forget? Welcome to our 93rd installment of our Male Defender MOLON LABE podcast. Our subject is how we differ from other men and why MGTOW IS A GIFT! The average man seeks […]

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