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Cuckold Power, This is CUCK!

CUCK Much? Check out these “guys.” What a freak show. Thanks Way Brown for sending us the cuckold picture of the week. These guys can’t wait to give their pride, ego, and futures away to people (feminists) who hate their guts. I have news for you cuck. If this is your future you’re dead because […]

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Men’s Rights Frauds

Warren Farrell, Dean Esmay, and his narcissist pal Paul Elam have come out for Hillary. They’re also giving interviews to Mother Leftist magazine…because they trust them! Thanks Sean Rothbard. These guys are Men’s Rights Frauds. All they care about is big government and destroying the United States of America. My theory is that Elam hates […]

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#IBelieve #IBelieveSurvivors PODCAST 57

GET THE NEW TRUMP FIGURINE! OPENING SONG: Social Distortion with “BALL AND CHAIN.” Must listen young man. SUBSCRIBE TO GUNG-HO Jihad on Youtube. He’s one of us! Here’s “Deja Voodoo.” He’s an artist who loves to put music to video. Welcome to the 57th Installment of the Male Defender podcast. Our title is #IBelieve and […]

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