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No Suspended Sentence for Men

Welcome to No Suspended Sentence for Men which is our latest MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. We’re fired up and ready to go! Here’s the latest travesty and conspiracy designed to incarcerate more men. Daily MAIL: “Possessive boyfriend, 24, who banned his girlfriend, 19, of four weeks from Snapchat and chatting with men on Facebook […]

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Dear Men

Dear Men! A confused and saddened Muffington Boast writer has decided to pen a letter to you in order to increase your feelings of shame and dysfunction. After all, you did this to her. It’s “victim blaming” for you to suggest that she take elementary precautions to ensure her safety. I won’t hear otherwise from […]

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Tattling for Social Justice!

She tattled, for social justice. Rather than simply accepting a ticket this idiot decided to forge a drama. Video Shows Houston Social Worker Being Arrested After Calling 911 on Police Officer. The whole drama was fabricated. She completely ignored and disrespected this guy. The result? 2 days in jail for Earledreka White. A former Kampsville […]

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