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University Survival Guide for False Allegations

Sean White has come out with a new book entitled “University Survival Guide for the Falsely Accused,” but I decided to title the Male Defender post with false allegations because that’s the more popular term. False allegations for rape and assault not only threaten every man in a university setting, they also endanger all of […]

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Title IX Evils at USC

Feminism is religion at USC. The southern California institution is just another example of an American university eaten alive by cultural Marxism. Luckily, Male Defender has a spy there. We’ll call him X. X sent us a dossier on Title IX practices at the college. Thanks go to Tim Patten who alerted us about the […]

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Reconnaissance Man

Aaron Clarey has a new book out called Reconnaissance Man. I just finished it and you can watch my review of it below. Nobody should be going to college immediately after high school. They should be taking a two year road trip across the country to find out who they are and what they want […]

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