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Angry Gamers Next

Being on the right, defending men, defending America or merely believing in freedom is no longer enough to trigger the left. Now simply being “angry” or “negative” is anathema to the left. How about a vacation? Sign up our friend Peter’s club. Hit the link here to join. They’re going on a cool vacation to […]

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Davis Aurini Whacked!

First they came for MILO, then they came for Colin, then they came for Alex…now the SJWs have got longtime friend of Male Defender, Davis Aurini. He got axed by the establishment cultural Marxism machine. “Would you like to take 4 and 5 star vacations at up to 50% off the price other people pay? […]

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Return of Kings Killed

Return of Kings Killed is our new MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast! Welcome aboard! RooshV, a truly brave and good man in this culture war, has been defamed repeatedly by the left. They tell all sorts of lies about him and he is a major target of our enemies. Indeed, in this Motherboard article the […]

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