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Man Babies March for Men!

People gathered in Melbourne, Australia for a March for Men. What’s wrong with that? Everything! The edicts of cultural Marxism demand that all men should be shamed for being male. We disagree and that’s why March for Men is the topic for this week’s MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. Would you like to take 4 […]

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Cat Men Destroying Toxic Masculinity

Oh man, now this is hot. The cat men are here and they’re going to take you out…or at least, take out your toxic masculinity. Thanks Sandman MGTOW for “All hail the rise of cat men, an antidote to toxic masculinity.” It’s an “online movement of men shrugging off the stereotype that ‘cats are for […]

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Scammers of Men PODCAST 62

OPENING SONG: Rancid with “Time Bomb.” Check out the art and wares of Jean Louis Moray on ebay. Here’s his store link. He’s got over 900 items on sale on ebay. Welcome to Scammers of Men which is our 62nd installment of the MOLON LABE podcast. Great to have you aboard! Check out our returning […]

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