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Alt Right Meme Threat! PODCAST 120

I have a livecast coming up later so I decided to hit a few news articles today using soundcast and Male Defender. The left is terrified (standard!) by the alt right meme menace. They are weeping impotently over the subject at present which is why I decided to cover here the Salon article entitled “Forget […]

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The Right Fights Back!

Is our country on the brink of serious unrest? Yes, I really think it is. John Derbyshire does not think much will come of it, but I am sick of the left’s perpetual violence. It warmed me to find these three examples of the right fighting back. The first occurred when a group of low-T […]

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Leftists Gone Wild! PODCAST 92

Welcome to the MOLON LABE Male Defender Podcast 92 which is titled Leftists Gone Wild! Photo of leftist bullies in Washington DC below. They are protesting a conference held by Richard Spencer. He and I disagree about the “alt right.” I hold that the term means anti-establishment right. But hey leftists, all of us people […]

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