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Male Due Process Takeout! PODCAST 66

Don’t forget to pick up a great product from our official pal Here’s his original product, the Smoking Obama figurine. He also sells the Beatles Blue Meanie. Don’t forget about every Male Defender’s favorite, the Donald Trump novelty figurine. Welcome to the 66th installment of the Male Defender MOLON LABE Podcast. This one is […]

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Huffington Post, all Sexist Pigs

Sexist Pigs? You decide. Here’s the Muffington Boast’s editorial staff below: Thank you Alex Sims. What a picture. No wonder that website is such a complete cesspool of triviality, emotion, and dreck. Get yourself 20 starving journalists, all of whom believe in feminism, and this is what you get. A complete horror show! That picture […]

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ESPN is LGBT, no Really

Toast of ESPN: Who are you trying to look like Big Fella? Last week we recommended, at Chapin’s INFERNO, that ESPN change it’s name to LGBT. This week we find out that the INFERNO was eerily accurate. Breitbart: After Firing Curt Schilling for Transgender Comments, ESPN Hires LGBT Activist Abby Wambach. Best quote: At the […]

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