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Be the Change PODCAST 115

Be the Change is the title for this Male Defender Molon Labe Podcast. This is our 115th installment.

The title came to me this morning. I had the opportunity to watch Victor Mature in Samson and Delilah. It’s a great film but I barely had the stomach to watch due to it’s subject matter. I thought about how often men battle each other and how the worth of other men is 1/16th that of a woman in our collective eyes.

Why? Why do we compete with each other and refuse to cooperate? There is no reason for it. We don’t take on group ventures and we throw out our personal goals in order to acquire female approval. That’s a currency whose value needs to be traduced as soon as possible.

If you ask me all of this devaluing of male peers must stop. Let’s be the change! Let’s live our lives differently. You and I should be a standing refutation of male inter-sex conflict.

Let’s be the change and that’s the message I’m trying to advance here in this podcast. If you have the chance to screw another man over…don’t. Be a positive example. Don’t join in when they’re trying to crucify a guy you know. You are the refutation. We are the new norm.

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