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MGTOW Calling

Not long ago, 23-year old Zach Hing gained his sea legs in the modern counter-cultural revolution. He tore down ancient rigging, stepped into the crow’s nest, and wielded his keyboard like a swashbuckler, hacking away at anti-male propaganda and the shackles of a society that has long treated men like third-class citizens – and worse. […]

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Financial Blacklisting

Welcome to this new installment of the MOLON LABE podcast. This one is on financial blacklisting. Breitbart provides us with our opening article on Financial Blacklisting: It is the most totalitarian form of blacklisting: not just to be prevented from speaking on a university campus, or to be kicked off social media, but to be […]

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No Fun is #MeToo

#MeToo is a plague. It’s resulted in men being confronted in false allegations that stem from 40 years ago which cannot be proven or substantiated. At it’s core, #MeToo it’s about hating men and marginalizing them from society. It’s all about the non-productive stealing from the productive along with ruining the lives of the best […]

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