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SJWs Always Double Down

SJWs Always Double Down is the topic for our latest Molon Labe Male Defender podcast. It’s a reflection of our subject, yes, Vox Day’s new book SJWs Always Double Down. The work is part II which comes two years after the publication of his AWESOME part I–SJWs Always Lie. Yesterday, on the INFERNO I did […]

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By TIM PATTEN Mascupathy, by Charlie Donaldson and Randy Flood Women’s health needs have taken the spotlight over the last 30 years. That has left critical male issues unfunded and ignored, even though there seems to be more than enough resources to go around. Worse still, this lopsidedly far-reaching favoritism has helped to amplify and […]

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Testosterone Rex

Testosterone Rex is a book by a leftist feminist that is the subject of our MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. Hat tip to Radio Derb for our story. It’s author is Corelia Fine and she’s a psychologist who has written a tome in the hopes of getting everyone–in regards to sex differences–to trance “It’s all […]

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