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Angry Lesbians

By Tim Patten


Not all angry lesbians are like Valerie Jean Solanas, who authored SCUM Manifesto and attempted to murder artist Andy Warhol. Her 1967 book argued that men have ruined the world, and that it is up to women to fix this problem by aborting all male babies.

That said, there are many who appear to share her feelings. In recent times, women, mostly radicalized angry lesbians, have launched genocidal social media campaigns, labeled with monikers such as “#killallmen,” “Control All Men,” “StraightWhiteMemes,” and “Kill All White Men.”

These memes–which, like the SCUM Manifesto, are guised as satire and connect with millions of females who resent our place in society. They fanaticize about harming and wielding power over us, going so far as to make killing males seem artistically relevant.

Amid such anger and resentment, it seems doubtful that any of the so-called women’s movements, populated with adherents who despise us, can help resolve the many important issues we men grapple with, including a pandemic of male suicides. Rather, they seem largely oriented toward our demise.

Violent Lesbians in my Midst

I was twenty-two years old when I settled in San Francisco in 1973. It’s a peculiar but vibrant city, teeming with tech wizards, trailblazing culture warriors, and every beautiful color, race, and creed ever created by God Herself.

On Friday nights, friends and I would go to the large dance clubs–Bo Jangles, Dreamland and Oil Can Harry’s –where San Francisco’s diversity was on brilliant display. At these venues, straight, gay and lesbian couples danced with abandon, immersed in thundering rhythms and eruptions of joy.

During one such outing, around closing time, two lesbians got into a fist fight over a third female, who was apparently interfering in their relationship. Another time, rumors spread like wildfire that a butch, defending her companion, had bashed an interloper over the head with a beer bottle.

Over the years, there were assorted outbreaks of fisticuffs; once, a lesbian even pulled a gun on a woman who had tried to arrange a date with her girl. These and other goings-on demonstrated that you don’t need a dick to act like one.


In mixed, gay-oriented clubs across America, when hostilities break out, lesbians are often involved. According to some, these women are acting out the masculine gender binary extreme through aggression, anger and physical violence.

But such views seem misguided, at best. In reality, lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender (LBGT) individuals, more broadly speaking, suffer with more mental health concerns and disorders, often stemming from prejudice and stigma, than the rest of society. LBGT females sometimes exhibit certain issues including body image disorders and hostility towards men.

Modern Lesbian Relationship and Domestic Violence

The LGBT community has been whitewashing certain truths for decades amid their struggle for rights and acceptance. In reality, it has always known about lesbian-related violence.

In 2014, The Advocate highlighted domestic violence surveys that revealed astounding results in this regard among gender studies advocates.

The CDC’s 2010 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, released in 2013, revealed that for targeted incidents of rape, physical violence or stalking, 43.8 percent involved lesbian couples, 26 percent gay male couples, and 29 percent heterosexual couples.

Other data indicates that lesbians demonstrate the extreme male binary attributes of aggression, control and violence at a rate that is actually 10% higher than for straight men.

An August 2012 commentary by Olivia Quinn offers vivid insights into the realities of a violent lesbian relationship.

In the 1960s, feminist leader Gloria Steinman inspired millions of women to become assertive and aggressive, including angry lesbians, many of whom often favor some form of anarchy.

Recently, we’ve seen disturbing images of naked females ejecting paint-filled eggs from their vaginas, inserting religious crosses up their backsides, and parading across campuses carrying mattresses upon which, they say, they were raped.

One group has even engaged in acts of “performance art,” where they publicly menstruate through their clothing.

In their view, such actions are courageous, helping to resist an evil and oppressive male patriarchy, as well as a church that is ungodly, in their eyes, because of its apparent favoritism towards men.

Many of these narrow-minded individuals are angry lesbians, blaming white men, in general, for their problems. They seek to frighten us with loud voices and aggressive behavior, and an appearance that is violent and ostracizing, so that we might succumb to their dangerous bullying.

Angry Revolutionary Lesbians in the United Kingdom

Examples of just how distorted and misguided many of these women are can be seen in a 1970s BBC documentary, Angry Wimmin, which offers insights on the origins of the women’s movement.

The title refers to a phrase that angry lesbians use to describe themselves: they are so resentful that they refuse to properly spell the word “women,” preferring instead to use what they consider to be an unbiased alternative.

In the film, we meet Sheila Jeffreys, an influential activist, who speaks frankly about the movement’s mission as a “dedicated war” on men (patriarchy) and pornography.

She discusses the self-described “Revolutionary Feminists,” a wave of lesbians, many scholars, who engage in protests aimed at eliminating makeup, hair coloring and high heels because they are oppressive symbols of male patriarchy, causing severe pain to women.

In addition, Ms. Jeffreys represents herself as an advocate of eliminating men from intimate relationships: “We do think… that all feminists can and should be lesbians,” she has written.

Such perspectives were common in an era where straight females were experimenting with lesbianism in an effort to become more closely aligned with the goals of the women’s movement.

At the time and since then, these and other angry lesbians have flooded the media and society with their damaging propaganda; their documents, poetry and books embracing a sexist war on men have been disseminated widely.

Textbooks for College Studies

Radicalized lesbians have written the books and curricula that are taught, exchanged and referred to in college level women’s, feminism and gender studies across the West.

Some of these contributions are biased against males, demonizing us as aggressive, oppressive and violent.

Such ideas only serve to widen an already growing gap between the sexes and direct social resentment and anger toward men.

Around the world, colleges and universities, under cover of academic paternalism, indoctrinate students into an ideology of scholarly dislike for men.

Every year, this dangerous mechanism churns out radicalized and angry graduates who have swallowed the Kool-Aid of misandry, who are often quick to use violence against anyone or anything that might be even remotely associated with maleness.

Certainly, there have been some who have been violated who have good reason for their prejudice, but the angry lesbian framework is, for the most part, built on fantasies and lies.

Taken together, these troopers for “true” equality, along with MGTOW and other movements, are helping to change our world.

They are rolling back the tide of biased and dangerous thinking promulgated by angry radicalized lesbians, and helping men like us to be the wonderful individuals that we are–and deserve to be.

Every social movement has a radical element. For the women’s movement the man hating lesbians have given a well-intentioned need for equality a permenant black eye of man hate.

Tim Patten is a retired software engineer and author of newly released MGTOW Building Wealth and Power. He also wrote WHY I CHEAT – 11 campfire stories for men’s ears only. Both books are a celebration of masculinity and pay homage to the modern men’s liberation movement.

#NewHampshire woman Photoshops photos of ‘injured’ son for GoFundMe page,
Thanks Serious Pickle.

Men on Tinder think they have a “licence to use women as they see fit” if their date’s appearance is less attractive than her profile photograph, research says.
Thanks Don Arete.

Donald Trump, a feminist’s dream, due to his “toxic masculinity.”

And Trump is their hero. To enter the world of the pick-up artist — or of segments of the so-called men’s-rights movement — is to enter the world of the Trump fanboy. Trump has “tight game,” to borrow the phrasing of Château Heartiste, a popular website for frustrated male Millennials. He’s the “ultimate alpha.” Fox News’s Andrea Tantaros channeled this mindset when she declared: “The Left has tried to culturally feminize this country in a way that is disgusting. And you see blue-collar voters — men — this is like their last vestige, their last hope is Donald Trump to get their masculinity back.” Fox’s Stacey Dash memorably called Trump “street” — and meant it as a compliment.

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    Those women complaining about men using women: they are projecting.

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    Degenerate freaks.

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