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The Radical Feminist Hate Group



Radical feminist “scholars” invented a one sided view of gendered violence. Like ISIS which perverted a religion, feminism now perverts idea violence between genders. Women’s studies professors use manipulative half-truths and shine them through the feminist’s critical lens.

Gendered Violence is defined as: intimidation; emotional, verbal and physical abuse; sexual assault; rape; and murder.

What Students and Society are Taught:

The false feminist critical lens: 70% of all women will be victims of gendered violence. This is one sided propaganda by omitting comparisons of violence against men and same sexed relationship violence.

After this, the professors ask students to practice developing this lens, or to create a one directional view of their own life experiences. This brainwashes the students to then manufacture a half-truth impression of violence; which is considered psychological abuse.

What Students and Society are not Taught:

A holistic lens. A worldview that includes men in prison and the street violence of which they are assaulted. Ninety percent of all men will be victims of violence.

Men will be raped, assaulted and murdered at much higher rates than women. Men now suffer from a suicide epidemic. Further, in 44% of same-sexed female relationships, 21% of male female relationships, and 12% same-sexed male relationships there will be victims of violence.

Feminism, women’s studies, gender studies, and the feminist defined masculinities studies all repeat the same lies featuring the same false feminist critical lens of gendered violence.

They spread this fiction over and over until everyone submits to the oppressive idea that only woman are victimized by dominant men. Scholars proselytize students and turn them into victims.

Why would anyone want to be a victim? Fabricated victimhood is  an unhealthy self-view that causes emotional problems. Students must be taught to unchain themselves from victimization.

How Feminism Manipulates Society with Empathy

The entire Western World is sympathetic and is moved into action by empathy for women and children especially when it is believed that they were harmed or face danger.

We hold close traditions such as “women and children first” in an ocean liner disaster.

When anyone mentions the critical feminist lens of gendered violence against women it evokes deep emotions inside then millions of men who are called to action or told to donate money.

When this occurs, we are being manipulated at our most primal level. It demands the heroism we have to save another human. It insists that we be a chivalrous man. We are told to cherish, protect and save women which is seen by many to be our first priority.

This chivalry towards women develops into a blind spot for others in our holistic understanding of violence. Society is then blinded to understanding female violence and men’s corresponding pain. Instead of acknowledging this, we are asked to support their issues. I will not.



Tim Patten has published the handy investment guide: MGTOW, Building Wealth and Power. He also wrote WHY I CHEAT11 campfire stories for men’s ears only. Both books are a celebration of masculinity and pay homage to the modern men’s liberation movement. Patten previously published a novel about establishing gender equality in professional sports, Roller Babes: 1950s Women of Roller Derby. His coming out biography is titled My Razzle Dazzle and published under the pen name Todd Peterson.

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Leftists Gone Wild! PODCAST 92

Welcome to the MOLON LABE Male Defender Podcast 92 which is titled Leftists Gone Wild! Photo of leftist bullies in Washington DC below. They are protesting a conference held by Richard Spencer. He and I disagree about the “alt right.” I hold that the term means anti-establishment right. But hey leftists, all of us people on the right are ANTI-SOCIALIST by definition. We believe in making the government smaller. We don’t want the government to take away anyone’s rights…including yours. Wake the bleep up!

Richard Spencer is an easy target for the media. He admits to being a white nationalist. We here at Male Defender disagree with his viewpoint and are economic (freedom) nationalists. We believe in a 10% state.

Anybody who wants to work hard is welcome within our boundaries regardless of what they look like. It would be nice to make our ideas reality someday. However, rather than respond to Richard Spencer or simply tell his story, they made up lie after lie about a conference he held in the hopes of linking him to Donald Trump. Hint, there’s absolutely no connection.

Look at what the Atlantic fabricated.

Interview where Richard Spencer tells the whole story.

Do you know Aaron Clarey’s books? They make the perfect Christmas gift. How about Behind the Housing Crash: Confessions from an Insider.

Politico Editor RESIGNS After Publishing Home Addresses Of Alt-Right Icon Richard Spencer, Advocating For ‘Baseball Bats’

Bachelor Pad Economics: The Financial Advice Bible for Men.

Hidden Ipsos Poll: Public Strongly Backs Donald Trump’s Plan To ‘Pause’ Legal Immigration

National Public Radio Falsely Links Breitbart to White Separatists

Worthless: The Young Person’s Indispensable Guide to Choosing the Right Major

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FAT CHANCE is an excellent book I just finished. I decided to make part of it the focus for our 91st installment of the MOLON LABE Male Defender Podcast. It’s full title is Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease by Dr. Robert H. Lustig. It’s an excellent book. I got it on the cheap from Amazon z shops. It was a bestseller in 2013 so that really makes the price drop a few years later. I just checked, and, yep, you can get it for a penny still as I did.

Do you know Aaron Clarey’s books? They make the perfect Christmas gift. How about Behind the Housing Crash: Confessions from an Insider.

Here’s the Amazon description for Fat Chance below:

Robert Lustig’s 90-minute YouTube video “Sugar: The Bitter Truth”, has been viewed more than six million times. Now, in this much anticipated book, he documents the science and the politics that have led to the pandemic of chronic disease over the last 30 years.

In the late 1970s when the government mandated we get the fat out of our food, the food industry responded by pouring more sugar in. The result has been a perfect storm, disastrously altering our biochemistry and driving our eating habits out of our control.

Here’s our picture. Hey man it’s history! It’s from early on in the reading.

Check out Bachelor Pad Economics: The Financial Advice Bible for Men.

Here’s a non-wikipedia link that tells about it:

The most famous early image of a human, a woman, is the so-called “Venus” of Willendorf, found in 1908 by the archaeologist Josef Szombathy [see BIBLIOGRAPHY] in an Aurignacian loess deposit near the town of Willendorf in Austria and now in the Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna.
The statuette was carved from a particular type of oolitic limestone not found in the region and so must have been brought to the area from another location. It may well be the case that the carving, which was presumably done with flint tools, was not done locally.
When first discovered the “Venus” of Willendorf was thought to date to approximately 15,000 to 10,000 BCE, or more or less to the same period as the cave paintings at Lascaux in France.
In the 1970s the date was revised back to 25,000-20,000 BCE, and then in the 1980s it was revised again to c. 30,000-25,000 BCE A study of the stratigraphic sequence of the nine superimposed archaeological layers comprising the Willendorf deposit published in 1990, which offers a key for the relative and absolute Carbon 14 chronology of the Central European Upper Palaeolithic, however, now indicates a date for the “Venus” of Willendorf of around 24,000-22,000 BCE (26-24,000 B.P.).

Worthless: The Young Person’s Indispensable Guide to Choosing the Right Major


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