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MISANDRY in the Water PODCAST 114

Yesterday I ran into a pretty sick misandric situation. I saw this young kid get tortured at a poker table for daring to not tip the female dealers.

I tried to defend him but to little avail. After he left, they talked about getting him “shunned” from the casino.

I felt like I was at a teen girl convention. What kind of men talk like that? Am I the minority? Are you the minority? What the hell is going on out there.

Misandry is in the water. MGTOW is our reality. It’s not the reality for most men though. Yesterday was a reminder of that.

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WILL! That’s the title of this 113th MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. In this one I talk about will and will power. You should think of the areas of will power that you excel at. Not just your failings. Contemplate the positive! It may surprise you–as it surprised me–that you have so many. It’s a fascinating topic of study. That’s for sure.

Excellent documentary on ESPN about East Germany and Katarina Witt. I recommend it.

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The New Church Ladies

Jim Goad is a special top shelf sort of guy, and that’s a major reason I was so excited to see that he had released his new book The New Church Ladies: The Extremely Uptight World of Social Justice. Almost anything the man writes is interesting and he’s always worth your time.

In case you think this is old hat, I emailed Jim the other day and he said only a few of the chapters will you recognize if you’re familiar with his work at Taki’s.

We’re excited to announce that he’s going to be on the inferno livecast tomorrow at 4:30 pm Central time! I bought his book–yes, with my own money. I read it all the way through on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. I couldn’t put it down.

As of right now, The New Church Ladies is in the lead for book of the year for 2017. I’d put it up there with Vox Day’s SJWs Always Lie and Roosh V’s Free Speech Isn’t Free. If you’re looking for a great book to read you’re going to love it. BUY ONE HERE.

From the Amazon product description:

In “The New Church Ladies,” beloved author Jim Goad uses weaponized words, violent rhetoric, debunked and discredited pseudoscience, and shocking, unforgivable hate speech to explain why the people who are always fighting “hate” are the most hateful jerkoffs on the planet…and why anyone who spends their life “shaming” others for not thinking like a perpetually miserable, microchip-implanted, ideologically clubfooted, progressive brainwashed zombie Social Justice Warrior should be ashamed of themselves.

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