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Alt Right Meme Threat! PODCAST 120

I have a livecast coming up later so I decided to hit a few news articles today using soundcast and Male Defender. The left is terrified (standard!) by the alt right meme menace. They are weeping impotently over the subject at present which is why I decided to cover here the Salon article entitled “Forget fake news — alt-right memes could do more damage to democracy. Just like talk radio before it, growth of alt-right social media is the real crisis behind Trump’s CNN tweet.”

The dumbo that wrote the article also wrote a book about satire. I’m sure she condemns it because she is so low functioning that she doesn’t get it. The fool does not realize that the CNN gif “crisis” was merely…a joke. Leftists hate to be mocked so I say mock them vigorously!

Hat tip to Kad Kyle. Kyle’s a long time supporter. Hey buddy, when are you stopping by the Patreon livecast again man? Anyway, he sends ‘Anti-Fascists’ Applaud Speech Made Completely of Hitler Quotes. It’s from PJMedia and you should give the video a viewing.

Here’s a great quote:

But most importantly, the Left has always identified fascism as capitalism taken to some extreme. Which is insane. Mussolini was a Leftist. Fascism was a variation of socialism that still required totalitarian central control of the economy. Fascism is a leftist ideology. Free markets and limited government power and “life, liberty, and property” don’t mesh too well with fascism. But so-called “anti-fascists” don’t comprehend that, so they label everything they dislike as fascist, and they are literally textbook fascists. Watch them reenact the Brown Shirts’ greatest hits by burning buildings every time someone disagrees with them.

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Framed Men Acknowledged! PODCAST 119

Welcome to the MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. This is installment number 119. Exciting news, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos plans on including men’s rights activists on her listening tour. Hopefully, she’ll talk to legitimate sources rather than poseurs like Paul E-scam and Dean “Grand Buffet” Esmay. Regardless, I’m very pleased with this development and am proud of Trump for appointing her.

Breitbart elaborates:

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos will include in “Title IX listening sessions” students who have been falsely accused of and disciplined for sexual assault on campuses under the existing federal government’s Title IX guidance.

The inclusion of this group has drawn the ire of feminist and LGBT advocacy individuals and groups who were empowered during the Obama administration’s bureaucratic enhancement of the investigative activities of colleges and universities in the area of sexual violence on campus.

Good! To that I say, “Screw you leftist!”

In its 2011 Dear Colleague letter, the Obama administration sought to end cross-examination by accused persons in campus courts and rejected the traditional clear-and-convincing evidence standard of proof in school disciplinary procedures. Instead, the federal guidance instructed schools to use the “preponderance of the evidence standard to resolve complaints of sex discrimination,” which is used in most civil actions.

Hey, women never lie about rape…except when they do, just like Sulky (below photo).

Lastly, this video was flagged on Youtube. Watch it here. It’s a classic.

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Citizen of the World PODCAST 118

You’re back at Male Defender for our 118th installment of the Molon Labe Podcast. I’m calling this one Citizen of the World as a means of mocking those leftists who have zero loyalty to their own countries.

Are they traitors? Of course. They’re snakes. They hate their relatives and they hate the people they grew up with. We encounter one of them in our reading. He’s chocked full of resentment and hatred like their kind always are.

What book are we reading? Well, it’s Jean Raspail’s The Camp of the Saints.

This is part II. Our recitation contains an AMAZING description of a leftist. That’s why I decided to use pictures of French leftists in this post.

The snevie described is a pretty convincing character indeed. However, unlike in 2017, the leftist pays for his treachery. In real life, sadly, they never do.

I had a great time reading this so let me know if you want to hear any more. I’ll paste a part III in here if you’re interesting. This novel is truly a book for our times. It’s getting good! Just another service for the brothers provided by MALE DEFENDER.


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