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How Civilization Falls PODCAST 102

Today, we read (about 40%) of “How Civilizations Fall” by Kenneth Minogue for our 102nd installment of the MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. I interviewed Dr. Minogue for EnterStageRight back in the day. Civilization is always a focal point for us as I’ve openly said my goal in life is to save Western Civilization. Few Better ways to go about doing it than reading the great Dr. Minogue. It’s a classic and I think you’re going to enjoy the reading:

My argument is, then, that European civilization has been attacked and conquered from within, without anyone quite realizing what has happened. We may laugh at political correctness—some people even deny that it exists—but it is a manacle around our hands. It binds us quite tightly, though some freedom must be left, because without the contribution of subjugated males, things would very rapidly decline. What political correctness amounts to in reality is a treaty of accommodation reached between the conquerors and the conquered.

Women have forced their way into money and status, sometimes beyond their merits, but they have also lost a freedom (Professor Schaub calls it “leisure”) that might have saved them from being formularized in terms of contemporary Western styles of work. Had this not happened, we might well have been saved from some of the discontents that currently afflict us. To be “socially included,” as women have been in the workforce, has many practical advantages, but it involves a spiritual loss. So far the conquerors have not destroyed the geese that lay the golden eggs, so the surface of our civilization does not reveal how profound the change has been. But underneath that surface, there are currents which no one understands.

There has been a revolution, then, but a silent one. It has taken place with such stealth, and so gradually, that people have become accustomed to it little by little. I am reminded of the famous Chinese executioner whose ambition it was to be able to cut off a head so that the victim would not realize what had happened. For years he worked on his skill, and one day he cut off a head so perfectly that the victim said: “Well, when are you going to do it?” The executioner gave a beatific smile and said: “Just kindly nod.”

Hint, here’s a picture that may well sum up our future:

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MGTOW? Your Choice PODCAST 101

Welcome to the 101st installment of the MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. Our topic is MGTOW. Well, that’s not altogether unusual is it? MGTOW is often mentioned, but here I try to see it in the eyes of our critics. That’s what I focus on in “MGTOW? YOUR CHOICE.” I understand the criticisms of MGTOW. I really do as I don’t want society to implode either, but I also don’t want to see any young men sacrifice themselves recklessly.


I have my evidence to frame our discussion which comes in the form of two stories sent to me by R. JAMES. What’s so unusual about these stories is that the judge actually gave them real live sentences for their crimes.

I WENT TO A DARK PLACE’ Sex-crazed married teacher jailed for rampant sex sessions with pupil, 13, she tried to adopt. [!!!!] Jamee Hiatt, 32, admitted having an almost two-year affair with the underage pupil.

Teacher who became pregnant after sex with 13-year-old pupil ‘nearly every day’ jailed for 10 years. Alexandria Vera, 24, claimed the boy’s parents approved of her keeping the baby and were happy for their son to stay the night at her home.

These women are not representative, but they do illustrate what extremes can occur when one sex is sheltered from all forms of criticism and judgment. Without criticism you can become a monster and no one in their right mind wants a monster in their bedroom. MGTOW is what I choose. You may choose something else and I respect your diversity.

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Suspended Sentence…Standard PODCAST 100

Welcome to the MOLON LABE MALE DEFENDER Podcast Number 100. You’ll have to listen to the video below. No Soundcloud upload today. This video, on youtube, was made from two different audio tracks so I spliced them together with the slides. We’re getting complex here baby!

Woman has classic meltdown that you have got to see to believe. Just hysterical.

As this is our 100th podcast, I tried to make sure that everything was topical. This story is what the folks want to hear about. “Suspended sentence,” yep, a UK fetish for people with the proper genitalia I’m afraid.
‘THREE LIVES SHOULD NOT BE RUINED’ Young mum who left her ex-boyfriend brain damaged after drunkenly mowing him down in the street walks free because of her young son.

Another laugh riot that’s pretty standard. If women are more likely to suffer from obesity then surely it can’t be that bad, and isn’t calling it “a disease” rather judgmental on your part? Hey man, suspend that sentence!

A recently resurfaced article from a leading online feminist magazine, Everday Feminism, argues that “glorifying obesity” is a good thing and that “weight loss doesn’t actually improve health.”

The article, entitled “11 Reasons Your Phony ‘Concern’ for Fat People’s Health Has Got to Stop,” is an attempt by columnists Melissa A. Fabello and Linda Bacon to suggest that people that claim to be concerned with the obesity epidemic are insincere, angry, and misinformed. In the article, which has been shared almost 40,000 times, Fabello and Bacon argue that feminists who don’t believe in “glorifying obesity” need to be educated on why we must praise obese bodies so that obese individuals can learn to love themselves.


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