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The Witch Hunt Intensifies PODCAST 107

The Witch Hunt Intensifies is our title for this 107th installment of the MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. Here’s one of the main culprits:

I read here specifically form KC Johnson & Stuart Taylor’s The Campus Rape Frenzy: The Attack on Due Process at America’s Universities.

This is our second podcast concerning Campus Rape Frenzy. I really wish I could do more but the authors deserve to be paid. Check out their book!

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Women’s Crusade PODCAST 106

Welcome to number 106 of the Male Defender MOLON LABE podcast. We’re glad to be discussing some excellent history, particularly this work Battling Demon Rum: The Struggle for a Dry America, 1800-1933. I read a nice section here on the Women’s Crusade for you to enjoy. You won’t enjoy analyzing too much about Carry Nation that’s for sure.

Got Beater?

From roughly 1800 to the repeal of national prohibition in 1933, temperance reform was a powerful and revealing American social movement. Alcoholic drink had been a fixture of daily life from colonial times, and to many Americans the saloon became a symbol of freedom and egalitarianism―a fitting emblem for American democracy. But many men and women believed that alcohol had a destructive impact on American society and fostered personal and political deviancy. Thomas Pegram’s narrative account of their fight to regulate alcohol traces the moral and political campaigns of the temperance advocates, and shows how their tactics and organization reflected changes in the nation’s politics and social structure. Because political parties and government have historically resisted divisive moral reforms such as prohibition, Mr. Pegram notes the success of such initiatives indicates key moments of change―as with the adoption of national prohibition in 1919. But in this instance the failures of prohibition enforcement shaped the attitudes of politics and ever since, offering an example of the limits of government-enforced morals. Battling Demon Rum is an intriguing tale of social reform, expertly told. New in the American Ways Series.

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Moral Bolsheviks

Oh man, you don’t want to be my friend? That sucks. Who will I plot the destruction of capitalism with now? The moral Bolshevik has enemy-zoned me.

Moral Bolsheviks. What a great term for leftists. I like it. It applies to many of the ones I have known in person. Breitbart has a great article today. “New York Times Warns Readers: Unhinged Leftist Hate ‘Helping Trump’.” That’s what you should click on Breitbart as opposed to the New York Lies article it references. I see no reason to support those people.

Here’s the best part:

Liberals may feel energized by a surge in political activism, and a unified stance against a president they see as irresponsible and even dangerous. But that momentum is provoking an equal and opposite reaction on the right. In recent interviews, conservative voters said they felt assaulted by what they said was a kind of moral Bolshevism — the belief that the liberal vision for the country was the only right one. Disagreeing meant being publicly shamed.

Protests and righteous indignation on social media and in Hollywood may seem to liberals to be about policy and persuasion. But moderate conservatives say they are having the opposite effect, chipping away at their middle ground and pushing them closer to Mr. Trump.

It illustrates that acting like a psycho is not persuasive. This is something we have long known but leftists seem to really think that throwing a temper tantrum somehow a. impresses others and b. changes hearts and minds. It just makes bystanders want to flee from your sight. Ultimately, while these people may have degrees, none of them are educated. An educated person understands that there are always two sides to argument. They “think” the SJW way is the only way.

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