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Final Days? What’s Coming

Are these our Final Days? Hell no! Saieth Male Defender.

Welcome to another Molon Labe podcast. We’re talking a little history today but we’re also talking about the present.

I just reread Douglas Smith’s Former People: The Final Days of the Russian Aristocracy.

As I read this work I was reminded of our own leftists and their treatment of American rightists. We’re the nobility in the allusion and the leftists/Bolsheviks are the ones who want to terminate us. They want this to be our Final Days.

It’s a gruesome tale but it is one the kids need to hear. They do not know a thing about the Commissars who are dooming our civilization with nihilism, envy, and violence.

The comparisons between today’s SJWs and communist revolutionaries is striking. Their tactics, and more importantly, their values have not changed in a 100 years. No wonder they’re so allergic to the word “communist.” If the American people fully understood communism the left would never win an election again.

Into Song by INXS, “Love Is (What I Say).”

I did a longer second part called “The SJW is a Bolshevik.” Our final days? Well, they don’t have to be. Let’s defeat them! Their final days? Now that’s positive thinking.

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The Mind of a Cultural Marxist

Welcome to the Male Defender MOLON LABE podcast. This one is on The Mind of a Cultural Marxist. I came across one of these guys at the poker forum yesterday.

We were discussing Vanessa Selbst and her impending retirement from poker. Selbst posted a Facebook entry saying that she was joining a hedge fund (a devout radical leftist joining the enemy!). Hypocrisy is just something that leftists reflexively do.

An argument ensued on the forum and ended up with the thread getting locked by the moderator. Discussing a lesbian quickly becomes a left/right proxy war on the poker website because leftists truly believe you’re not allowed to criticism lesbians…ever. Seriously.

You won’t believe this guy. He is emblematic. Join us and enter the mind of a cultural Marxist via our podcast. The snevie’s mind is absolutely trashed by political correctness and he has become a traitor to our country.

I had to read his propaganda aloud here though just so you could get a taste of it. Do you want to share a country with a tool who talks like this?

And suddenly the penny drops that ur MURRRRRCAAAAA ain’t so FREEEEDUMBBBB O’ SPEEEEECHEZZZZ as you thought, huh? How was that existential realisation for you? Pow, right in your home state!

Here’s the hero under discussion. Who are you impersonating, Miss?

Don’t like men? Why try so hard to look like us then?

Thanks to Deep Purple for our opening song!

The kid also brought the new leftist trope “whataboutism” to my attention and it is worth you becoming familiar with. Also the court case Beauharnais v. Illinois is definitely of interest.

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The Gray Zone

Merry Christmas and welcome to another Male Defender MOLON LABE podcast. This one’s called the gray zone. I talk about a ton of subject matter here. I appreciate your stopping by.

It’s “the gray zone” because a lot of our interactions are no longer clear. This is particularly true about how one relates to their fellow males in society. I give a couple of examples here too.

Opening song, Duran Duran, “Hungry Like the Wolf.”

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