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Testosterone Rex

Testosterone Rex is a book by a leftist feminist that is the subject of our MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. Hat tip to Radio Derb for our story. It’s author is Corelia Fine and she’s a psychologist who has written a tome in the hopes of getting everyone–in regards to sex differences–to trance “It’s all the same! It’s all the same!”

Only men and women are not the same. Such a notion belies everything I have observed over 48 years. I don’t know how old you are but I guarantee you have had the same experiences I have in this regard. Men and women are INCREDIBLY different.

Here’s a fantastic take-down of this emotation-emoji-coloring-book by West Hunt. Hit the link.

Rather than talk much about differences between the sexes, which would do her case no good at all, she talks about testosterone’s role in creating such differences. Testosterone is a strawman theory, here. Sex differences might be caused, in part or in whole, by biological factors other than testosterone: would disproving an incorrect testosterone-based theory make the differences go away? On the other hand, it might confuse people enough to reduce or eliminate belief in such differences. People are fairly easy to confuse.

Sex differences can be pretty big. Men are about 8% taller, but they have 90% greater upper body strength (about three standard deviations) and 65% greater lower body strength. They run faster, jump higher. Teenage boys routinely beat professional female athletes, as when the Newcastle Jets U-15 team recently defeated Australia’s national women’s soccer team 7-0.

There are psychological differences as well. Boys prefer rough-and-tumble play, girls prefer ‘intimate theatrical play’. Boys and girls have different toy preferences: boys like trucks, while girls prefer dolls. Interestingly, we see similar sex differences in play in other young primates, such as vervet and rhesus monkeys. Young chimpettes are known to carry a stick around, sticks that seem to be stand-ins for future babies – like dolls. Since other primates that are not exposed to anything resembling human socialization [they can’t talk] show similar play preference patterns, socialization is unlikely to be the driver of those patterns in humans, no matter how much Fine would like that to be the case.

Why aren’t there more female Mozarts? How would I know! Get off your duff and write some music if that’s what interests you.

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Life and Death in Soviet Russia–PODCAST

Welcome to the Male Defender MOLON LABE podcast! More history. Specifically, we address El Campesino (Valentin Gonzalez) and his magnificent book Life and Death in Soviet Russia.

El Campesino was a famous figure and general from the Spanish Civil War. That’s him on the right below.

His side lost the civil war so he fled to Russia–a place that was supposed to be the Soviet paradise. What he discovered instead was hell. He was eventually thrown into prison and then the gulag in Siberia. Gonzalez tried to escape 3 times. On his last attempt…he succeeded and lived to tell the tale. We are in his debt.

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Getting Whacked in Las Vegas PODCAST

We are back at the Male Defender MOLON LABE podcast to discuss more from Edward Thorp’s A Man for All Markets: From Las Vegas to Wall Street, How I Beat the Dealer and the Market.

Does Thorp get “whacked” in Las Vegas? No…but it’s close. Listen for what happens to him after he follows up beating blackjack with beating baccarat. He’s very naive here dealing with two mobbed-up casinos in the Sands and the Dunes. You’ll see what I mean momentarily…

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