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Hillary vs. Alt Right PODCAST 78

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Welcome to the 78th installment of the Male Defender MOLON LABE Podcast. Today we are making fun of (and refuting) Hillary’s Alt Right speech. Hillary attacks the alt right today and we attack back.

Check out the work of Matt Forney. He is an official friend of the INFERNO. Have you been to his website? Forney did an incredible job covering the RNC and DNC conventions.
He has authored many books such as Do the Philippines: How to Make Love with Filipino Girls in the Philippines. He is also the author of Confessions of an Online Hustler: How to Make Money and Become an Internet Superstar. Need entertainment? Check out all the muck he creates on Twitter. It’s a Horror-Forney-Show.

Don’t forget to pick up a great product from our official pal SMOKINOBAMA.com. HIS LATEST: “Atlas Trump.”
Here’s his original product, the Smoking Obama figurine. He also sells the Beatles Blue Meanie. Don’t forget about every Male Defender’s favorite, the Donald Trump novelty figurine. Cheaper version unpainted.


Aaron Clarey is back! The world renowned author has another new book. Reconnaissance Man is out!
Here’s the description:
Nobody should be going to college immediately after high school. They should be taking a two year road trip across the country to find out who they are and what they want out of life instead. But still, every year we send millions of inexperienced 18-year-olds down a path of debt, worthless degrees, poor employment prospects, commonness and misery. The results are two full generations of adults who wasted decades of their lives chasing dreams that would never come true. And sadly there’s another generation on deck about to do the same. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can all become “Reconnaissance Men” instead. The Reconnaissance Man (or Woman) takes the time to explore this country, not just to see what this country has to offer, but to find out who they are, where they belong, and what they really want out of life. They don’t rush off to college, let alone return to get their “master’s degree” until they know about the world around them and precisely how they fit in it. Of course, this journey may take months (more likely years) but that’s better than wasting 8 years in school you hate, and 20 years in a career you loathe, only to find out you’re 50 and there’s no way you can undo what’s been done. Become Reconnaissance Man instead. It’s easier, much more fun, and is how life was meant to be lived.

Here’s the original speech which you can listen to if you’re in a masochistic mood.


Hillary Clinton Takes on the Alt-Right in Excoriating Speech Denouncing Donald Trump’s Racist Ass

Trump is encouraging and amplifying the message of a ‘radical fringe’ of conservatives, Clinton says

The alt-right has had its moment in the sun. Now what?

The ‘Alt-Right’ Is Thrilled By Hillary Clinton’s Denunciation

The Alt-Right’s Dark Army of Racist Trolls Just Had a Great Day

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Men Funny? No Way!

Social justice post! Men funny? No way. I know this because it’s what the MSM tells everyone. Every drone knows that women rule when it comes to comedy. People Magazine is sticking this eventuality in your face with this skit. Now you’ll realize that women are your natural superiors in regards to everything. Especially humor! Got a dangler? Well, then that means you’re not funny…you male poseur. Silence yourself and learn to OBEY! Watch this clip. It’s a great example of women being natural comediennes–despite the fact that you won’t giggle once!


Hope Solo suspended again. This time it’s serious! Unlike when she beat up her family members, now she dared question the courage of the Swedish National team. She can’t do that! Sweden leads the world in cuckoldry. Besides…the people she criticized were women. Criticism is hate! Hope get it together.

As all of us have long known SOCIALISM KILLS! Venezuela is currently an excellent example of it. According to Oilprice.com, Doomesday is inevitable for the totalitarian country.

Venezuela is facing the worst economic and humanitarian crisis in its history. Venezuela has been hit by the 24 months collapse in oil prices. Its economy is expected to shrink 10 percent at the end of 2016, the biggest contraction in the last 13 years, while inflation has reached more than 700 percent according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Other analysts say that inflation has already reach 1,000 percent.

Zerohedge refers to the situation as “total societal collapse” and an inflation rate that will reach 1600%. Columbia better ask Donald Trump about how they can build a better wall.

Watch Biggery assault the alt right LIVE Hillary Clinton Rally in Reno, Nevada (August 25, 2016)

Thanks Gerald C, Adam S, and Odo Ital.

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ALT RIGHT Under Siege


The Alt Right will fight and we are right! Hillary Clinton doesn’t like the idea of having non-establishment, non-fish opponents so now she’s mobilizing against us. Hillary Clinton Plans Speech Against ‘Alt Right’ Political Philosophy

“This ‘alt-right’ brand is embracing extremism and presenting a divisive and dystopian view of America which should concern all Americans, regardless of party,” the campaign wrote.

Clinton’s preview demonstrates that she will attempt to alienate and exclude “alt-right” groups of Trump supporters as un-American and white nationalist racists. Her campaign suggested that Trump’s political views and temperament are “dangerous” for the country’s future.

“Clinton will contrast Donald Trump’s divisive views and dangerous temperament with her vision of an America that is stronger together and where everyone has a role to play in the future,” the statement read.

As Predicted, Obamacare Is Absolutely Killing The Middle Class

Meeting the Free Speech Crusaders Who Want to End Political Correctness Here we see the link between criticizing feminism and being on the right. The left awards alt right status to anyone who questions feminism. In order to be a leftist you have to buy the huge lie that women are oppressed. They are not oppressed. They are privileged and favored in America.

The problems only started when they opened their mouths. The biggest bogeyman stalking the hall was feminism. “They’re nothing like the original feminists who just wanted to vote,” one told me. “They seem to be actively anti-male.” Another explained his admiration for Donald Trump. “He’s getting rid of this horrible third-wave feminism movement that’s perpetuating racism and sexism. The only way racism will end is if we stop talking about it.”

How the first liberal Supreme Court in a generation could reshape America

All operations at Gawker.com have ceased from today, after Univision purchased the controversial news outlet last week and announced the main site’s closure.


The Alt-Right Rises. The conservative movement that shaped American politics for so long may be coming to an end.

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