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University Survival Guide for False Allegations

Sean White has come out with a new book entitled “University Survival Guide for the Falsely Accused,” but I decided to title the Male Defender post with false allegations because that’s the more popular term.

False allegations for rape and assault not only threaten every man in a university setting, they also endanger all of us in society.

A quick description of it from the Amazon page is as follows:

This book is meant to help students who have been falsely accused, or who think that they may at some time be falsely accused. It gives advice on where to go for help with these kinds of cases. I have also written some examples of what can happen in these cases, from the initial false accusation to the end of the process. As one will see, it is much like the process of convicting and locking away people in the old Soviet Union.

This one is for the kids. Many a young man has no idea what they walk into when they go to university. On arrival they find, but may never comprehend, that they are deep inside a culturally Marxist setting in which a woman’s word is holy and a man’s word is worthless.

Check it out! Hey, it’s only 99 cents on Kindle.

This part made me LOL but I have no doubt of it’s veracity.

“She also gave a list of other reasons why a female may complain about a male:

1. Staring. If she thought that you stared at her for any amount of time, even if you were clearly looking in a different direction and a video will show this, she can claim that she felt that you were staring at some point, and she can send a complaint. She may sit directly in front of you in a class each day, and claim that you are staring at her.
2. A male’s eyes may be too intense, and this is threatening to a female student. It may give the female the feeling that he is staring, even if he is clearly not.
3. A male looking at her eyes. Though we are always taught to look into the eyes of the person to whom we are speaking, giving that person our attention and not looking over a female’s body or away, she said that this can make a female feel threatened.
4. If the male is too handsome. She said that this makes a female feel threatened. WHAT!!?!!
5. Long e-mails. Females are threatened by long e-mails. Even if nothing threatening or harmful or bad can be seen in the e-mail anywhere, even if it is just an explanation of something from a class, simply the length of this can be threatening for a female.

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Red Trojan Horse

It is my pleasure to discuss with you our MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast entitled Red Trojan Horse. Today I read from Alasdair Elder’s (brief!) magnificent new book, The Red Trojan Horse: A Concise Analysis of Cultural Marxism.

It’s cheap, like the budgie, and you should read/download it today. Absolutely splendid!

I do not know Mr. Elder but he has produced an incredibly profound work. Today, I’m reading from the sections are most interesting for the Manosphere, but man I am telling you the whole thing is great.

Bravo Alasdair!

Opening song: “Machinehead” by Bush.

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Too Weak to OBEY the FEMALE

I cried as I watched this. What happened to obeying a female? What happened to social justice?

A real man obeys a woman. That is well established. So what is the deal with this evil bouncer who dares to defend himself against three drunks? He is inferior. Watch and cry with me.

You’ll be sad to hear that there have been arrests in this case…and no, it wasn’t the bouncer. Notice how they scream “BULLY!” as they physically charge him LOL.

The women, aged 47, 37 and 28, were arrested on suspicion of assault and other public disorder offences.

A spokesman for the Police Service of Northern Ireland said the women have now been released on bail.

Enquiries are ongoing.

What! What happened to the great UK suspended sentence. Hopefully, after an investigation, they will give these women medals and arrest the male.

How dare he defend himself! That is not a man’s place. A real man defers and obeys the female. He has failed this test. Thanks Dan S.

Remind me not to go to Kelly’s Cellar in Belfast. There the men stand up for themselves and that should never happen!

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